Sunday, October 9, 2011


I love weddings!  I love the dress, the flowers, the food, the dancing, the people watching.  Love, love, love weddings.  I will be attending a wedding today and thought this would be a great time to share a little wedding etiquette that will go a long way.  Unlike Fight Club, the first rule of weddings is to talk about weddings!  A word to the bride about how beautiful the decor, design and flowers are will make her feel even more special and recognizing all her design efforts will surely bring another smile to her face on her already happy day.  The following are a few of my favorite "dos" and "don'ts":

1)  DON'T dress like it's your event!  Overdressing for a wedding (or underdressing) is simply bad form and screams insecure wedding guest.  A simple, elegant evening or daytime look with simple jewelry, tasteful heels and limited exposure is always best.  You do not want to be the "wedding skank" and every wedding has one, just don't allow it to be you!

2)  DO NOT criticize the event at your TABLE.  You never know who is listening and one overheard negative comment might get back to the bride and that would be awful  Not everything goes perfectly at every wedding.  Sometimes caterers, florists, etc. drop the ball and fail to do their best work at the event and sometimes the old bait & switch occurs (i.e. caterer serves the food a little different from the tasting they provided to the Bride!).  If you must comment, save it for chit-chat after the event.  Better yet, overlook it and keep your mouth shut.

3)  DO help make it fun!  Dance, drink, eat and enjoy yourself.  Nothing makes a bride & groom happier than looking out and seeing their guests having the time of their lives.  Every couple wants to believe that THEIR wedding was the best ever!  Make it happen for them.  And yes, you can even do the worm on the dance floor.  All crazy dancing is allowed EXCEPT bump-n-grind (icky in many a scenario).

4)  DO act like a couple in love if you are attending the wedding with your spouse, partner, or date.  Couples fighting at a wedding is bad karma and is wrong on so many levels.  I've seen pouty spouses & dates acting like divas at someone else's wedding!  Please - do everyone a favor and stay home if you don't want to attend the wedding.

5)  DON'T act like a teenage couple and make out on the dance floor.  Period.  Only the newly wedded couple is allowed to do this and even then, it's has to be tasteful (even if it is your day and all!).

And my #1 Wedding Etiquette DON'T - DO NOT RSVP and not show up!  If you do this, unless it's an absolute medical/life-threatening emergency, send the couple a gift card for the price of your meal/drink (take a guess) with a handwritten apology.  If your babysitter cancels, then one of you show up to the ceremony, eat a little at the reception and go home.

Cheers to the bride & groom!