Thursday, September 22, 2011

International Dance Party Planning 101

I've been away for a while!  My apologies for those who wait with breath that is bated for my blog (not many, huh?).  I was super busy with a fundraiser event for my daughter's school that took over my life for the last 3 weeks and I needed this week to recover.  It was super fun and looked wonderful, if I do say so myself.  Our theme was International Dance Party.  A "global" party theme is the new black in my opinion.  Because we were on a budget, here are some ideas on the cheap that worked wonderfully:

1)  Bucket of international sodas - purchased inexpensive sodas/soft drinks from Japan, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Holland, Canada (found those at the Dollar Store!!!).  Most of these I found at the local speciality neighborhood supermarkets.  I put these all in a plastic tub with small cups around the bucket so everyone could taste a little of each.   
2)  Gift bag with international candies - Canels (gum from Mexico); Tootsie Rolls; "Swedish" Fish.  It was pretty inexpensive and added a fun little touch to the table.
3)  Ordered international-flag themed cocktail napkins online. 
4)  A handmade cookie bouquet that highlighted each country's flag. 

We tied the theme together with posters from World Market, cheap streamer paper & balloons in bright bold colors (main flag colors of all the nations that were represented) and had an international buffet menu. 

It was slightly "prom-like" but we were in the gym after all (again, we were on a budget) but it still looked pretty good.  If you would like any more ideas on how to bring your own "IDP" to your next party, feel free to email me


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