Friday, September 23, 2011

Parents Gone Stupid

I was at my daughter's volleyball game last night and was simply appalled at what I heard & experienced.  First, there was an empty seat in the front row in the audience. I asked the parent sitting next to that empty seat if I could sit down and she said "No, my son is sitting there."  WHAT!!!  Since when does an 8 year kid take the seat of an adult?  I rolled my eyes at her.  I know, I know... that was poor form itself but there is something about these sporting events that brings out the worst in parents, me included (sometimes).  Second, there was two dads standing behind me instructing the very good volleyball server to "hit it to the back row because they can't return anything."  Really?  That's showing kids sportmanship?  Those are words of encouragement?  They are basically saying, compete against the weakest link and you'll win instead of competing against the strongest opponent so that you earn it.  I know that's probably not strategically what teams/players actually do but to say it out loud and voice it when parents OF THE OTHER TEAM can hear you?  What a couple of asshole dads who probably didn't do well in sports when they were in school and are trying to live vicariously through their children.  I could say more but I think you get my point.  In turn, this got me going, again, and I just had to yell out "Way to return it back row" when our team finally broke the serve from the back row. 

I've seen even worse behavior in the past and will keep tabs this season, all the while trying to remind myself that I cannot participate in this childish behavior.  I will try my very best to remember that I am the adult in this scenario and applauding the misses, mistakes and missteps of the other children on the other team is just plain rude and makes me look petty.  That is not what my girl needs when she is on the floor, playing her heart out.  She needs to know how to win without her parents acting like losers. 


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