Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 80/20 Rule

My trainer tells me to remember the 80/20 rule when I workout - that is, a lean body is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  I also apply this 80/20 rule to my diet as in I eat "clean" 80% of the time and whatever I want the other 20% of the time, though true be told, it's the other way around some weeks.  I think this 80/20 rule might work well in other areas of our lives and have opted to incorporate it where I can in my personal life.  I plan on giving most activities an 80% effort and relax for the other 20%.  100% effort is sometimes overrated.  The truth is we can't give it our all, all the time, in every endeavor.  That gets old real fast.  I suggest you save your 100% effort for when it really matters, like a presentation for a job promotion or getting ready your annual family portrait.  So, when you can't serve a homemade meal for a dinner party, make it semi-homemade (there's a HGTV show on this entire subject so you know it's legit).  Buy your sides at the gourment shop and cook the protein at home; decorate with candles instead of fresh flowers; buy a ready made cocktail mix instead of mixing each drink, etc.   When you can't come out in full hair & makeup, slap some lip gloss on and pull your hair in a bun (see previous blog).  If you can't volunteer to be on several committees in whatever capacity (school, work, church) choose just one that makes you happy (Social Chair for me) and let others know they can have 80% of your efforts, take it or leave it.  It will keep you from getting burned out, believe me.  No one is going to know if you are giving it 80% or 100% effort and in most cases, your 80% effort is going to outshine another person's 100% effort!  So, relax, put forth your best 80% effort and be pleasantly surprised at the results. 

Yes, I am loving this 80/20 rule!  Although, I might have misunderstood what my trainer actually said as he might have said I give my workouts 20% of my effort, 80% of the time....



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  1. Gina takes an entire magazine called semi-homemade - you'll love it.