Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lemonade & Letiquette

Funny story on how the name "Letiquette" came to be...I was at lunch with my girlfriend (who shall remain nameless) and she decided that she was going to make lemonade at the table out of the water with lemons she had asked for, using the sweetner on the table!  As you can imagine, I was aghast!  It was sooo something my mother would have done (Dolores has a reputation of making lemonade at the table and taking sweetner home).  I told her I would never eat lunch with her if she ever did that again.  Her response was "Well excuse me...what's that "Letiquette"?  Thus, the term Letiquette was born.  We still laugh about that today.  She doesn't make lemonade at the table anymore when we are eating lunch together...but I do sometimes take sweetner back to the office. 

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