Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Health & Beauty Products 101

I love H&B products! My love affair with "products" started when I was a very young girl and my favorite aunt was an Avon lady.  She would give me the left over items she couldn't sell.  I didn't have very much growing up (certainly didn't have my own shampoo, soap, etc.) so these products were the most treasured things I had.  My favorite was the "Roses, Roses" soap.  I loved to arrange them and then re-arrange them in the box I kept them in.  Something I still love to do today when I am stressed out (I have several bathroom drawers filled with products).  I firmly believe that any woman can have good skin and look attractive if she is using the right products.  They are magical.  There is nothing like that new bag of make-up or opening a new jar of whatever.  And, you don't have to spend a lot.  Here are some of my favorite products that are really quite affordable: 

1)  Aquaphor - the best stuff on earth.  I use it as a deep moisturizer on my hands & feet, lip treatment, put it on mosquito bites, first aid, etc.  It's like the Windex in MBFGW. 

2)  Dry Brush - use it to dry brush your skin.  Buy a good one (Bath & Body Shop) and use it only as a dry brush to exfoliate your entire body but don't be gentle.  It has to sting some.  A little sadistic but, like John Mellencamp sang, it hurts so good.  It will make your skin glow.  You might also lose a few ounces with all those dead skin cells gone.  P.S. Like most beauty routines, this is a private activity not meant for your partner's eyes.  Lock the bathroom door.  If you've never done it before, you might want to use goggles and a painter's mask. 

3)  Neutrogena Body Oil - to relieve the pain of the dry brush.  Just kidding - it doesn't hurt that much. Use it after your shower.  Again, glowing skin.

4)  Mary Kay Satin Hands - almost as good a manicure.  It's a bit pricey and it involves 3 steps but worth it.

5)  Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash - I've been using this stuff for 13 years and it is the best face wash for about $7.00.  Use it.

6)  Alpha Hydrox Soufflé - it's a moisturizer I use on my neck/décolletage.   Many women forget about this area.  You can only wear so many turtlenecks so take care of it!

7)  L.A. Colors Blush (Plushed/Soft Rose) - found this at the dollar store!  Best blush ever that I think is pretty universal (my skin is olive toned).  It's so good that when it broke in my makeup bag recently, I continued to use it from my bag until I could replace it.

8)  Clear Mascara - works great in hot weather to keep your mascara from running down your face.

9)  Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado - this was recommended to me a few years ago by a true diva (our friend John whose alter ego is Carmen Miranda).  If the gays are using it, you know it's good.  It feels like buttah...

10)  Blistex SPF 15 Lip Protectant - Rasberry Lemonade Blast!

So, there are you are.  The best "hygienes" (prison slang for products - I was a criminal defense attorney for a while) according to me.  I hope they bring you as much joy as they've brought me.  Yes, I love these products that much.  They make me happy. 


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